Massage Specials & Rates

Massage therapy is a very personal experience.  It can often be quite difficult to find the perfect therapist to fit your specific needs.  Because I believe that massage therapy is important for most everyone to experience, I am offering a special introductory rate for all new clients.  These reduced rates are available for first-time clients only and only apply to their first massage session.  I am hoping that you take advantage of this offer, so that you can begin to benefit from all that massage therapy has to offer.

New Client Introductory Rates:

$70 for 60 minute session

$95 for 90 minute session

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Regular Massage Rates*:

$80 for 60 minute sessions

$105 for 90 minute sessions

*Discounted rates available for pre-paid packages.  $15 off per massage when purchasing three (3) or more, a $45 savings.*

For my valued, continuing clients – Please check back often for any specials that may be available.