Client Reviews

From a previous client of 10 years:  “I miss your weekly phone call to remind me that I needed that weekly massage.  Your attentiveness and wonderful healing hands kept me ready to face the new week with strength and less tension that everyday life brings.  I am sure that your west coast clients are happy you are there, keeping them mindful that we need to take care of ourselves.” – Carol C.

“I was fortunate to have Mr. Richards as my massage therapist for over four years.  I’ve had many therapists over the past fifteen years.  I truly believe him to be one of the best at his profession.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services.” – William E.

“Mark Richards is the best CMT ever.  Seriously, it’s as if one’s muscles speak to him.  And, boy, does he talk to them.  “Muscle-whisperer” should be his name.  I used to have constant stiff necks.  I now see Mark about once a month and they’re a thing of the past.” – Deborah P.

“Mark is a true professional. I highly recommend him. He worked on my problem areas and worked out all the knots. What a relief it was walking out of his office pain free. If you need a great massage, Mark is the man for the job!” – Tom S.

“Mark is outstanding in his profession.  I came in due to a running injury and he gave special attention to the area.  Mark was attentive to my problem and even showed me some stretches for that area.  As for Mark: he was polite, easy to talk with and is a very professional guy.” – Richard S.

“I have dealt with chronic back and body pain due to my profession.  My therapist moved two years ago and I haven’t found someone who can really work on my difficult spots that affect my work and active life.  Mark worked out areas on my back and I had an amazing increase on my mobility after only one session!” – Curt

“Mark showed up right on time to my place and immediately put me at ease.  He asked me about any problem areas that I was concerned with.  I was having some neck issues so he took extra time in the begining and more at the end on my neck.  He left me feeling relaxed and worked out all my knots.  I would highly recommend him and plan to use him again in the future for my massage needs.” – Gina H.

“Mark is a truly talented and gifted massage therapist.  He has studied several different types of massage and will use any combination to relieve your pain.  He’s got a great sense of touch and will find areas that you didn’t even realize were painful.  I’ve been to other massuers that I’ve informed that my neck and back were very painful – and received a “recipe” message, with no attention to my initial complaint.  Mark gives a custom massage.  No two massages are alike, except for the fact that they are great! I left his office feeling like a different person.  For the next two days all I wanted to do was sleep, because I was so relaxed and not in pain. He’s totally professional and a very personable guy. On a scale of 1 to 10 – I’d rate him an 11. I’ve been getting massages for years and can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have found someone with his talent.” – Aaron M.

“I had many massages before Mark, but once I was on his table I realized what I had been missing all the other times.  He has a great intuition for locating my stress points. He has very strong hands and uses many of the same techniques that my doctor uses when treating my problem neck muscles. He’s such a nice, sweet, gentle person that I felt comfortable with him immediately.  Whenever I can get the time, I go see him, even though it’s a 45 minute drive each way.  If you’re looking for a legitimate massage, he’s the best.  Instead of thinking “it’s already over? but I’m not relaxed yet” as I had with most of the others, he is able to relax me so completely every time that I could just fall asleep on the table.  I really feel like he’s focused 100% on me and not just watching the time until he’s finished with me.  He always sends me off with a bottle of cold water  and I sleep like a baby that night.  If I made a little more money and lived a bit closer, I’d be there every week.  You won’t be disappointed.” – Caryn B.

“I am so glad to have found Mark Richards!  I have a curve in my spine which makes large knots in my back with my muscles trying to compensate for the curve. During my trip in January of 2006 to look for a home in this area, I looked on the web for a Message Therapist and came across Mark. I was in severe pain and he was able to set something up quickly. Now I have to tell you I was just hoping for a little relief until I got back to Pennsylvania and saw my regular Message Therapist. It was the best massage I ever had. He knew just where my pain was and worked out each and every knot. His massage made my pain go away and I enjoyed the remaining 5 days of my trip here. In his own way, he made the trip so enjoyable that now I just moved here and will be seeing alot more of Mark.” – Kevin L.

“Thank you Mark Richards! I highly recommend seeing Mark for a massage if have not done so already.  I had the most amazing experience today… not only was I totally relaxed and dead to the world but Mark helped me with some major issues regarding built up pain I have been havin.  OMG OMG and bliss were the thoughts goin through my head lol so wonderful to finally get exactly what I ask for during a treatment! Good job Mark!” – Monica V.

“Mark gave me a GREAT massage. I’ve been to chain massage therapists locally before, but Mark brought a much more personal energy to the experience. He focused on my problem areas and still gave a great full body massage to boot. Highly recommended!” – Luke M.

“I’ve been to numerous massage therapists and have never met one that was as knowledgeable and effective as Mark Richards. I beat my body up pretty well with running and training, so having someone like Mark to help heal my body is super important to me. I truly recommend Mark to anyone that needs massage, or has body aches.” – Kris A.

“Mark Richards is a great massage therapist. He has an intuitive touch, that will work your from your neck all the way to your toes. He will find the spots that even yourself do not know are bothering you, and work out those kinks. What an awesome massage guy.” – Kent T.

“I have been diagnosed with a number of neurological problems related to illness.  To alleviate my pain and muscle spasms, I was to do various stretching and strengthening exercises.  In my state of discomfort I knew this physical therapy would be necessary but not something I was anxious to start. I was also prescribed therapeutic massage therapy. Unfortunately, finding a good therapeutic massage therapist was not as easy to find as you might think.

Because I was having trouble finding reliable, consistent source of massage therapists, my healthcare case manager referred me to Mark Richards.  Mr. Richards was not only the best massage therapist I had encountered, but he was very professional and personable.  I was feeling better within two visits. He listened to some idiosyncrasies I had regarding pressure in my legs.  He never needed to be reminded and he was always mindful of how painful heavy pressure could be in my legs.

I continued using Mark Richards for several years as my LMT until he relocated to the West Coast.  I felt I was not only losing a vital member of my health team but a good friend as well.  I have not been able to find a LMT replacement of his caliber.  He is sorely-missed, yes, this pun was fully-intended. – Mark O.

“I have been going to Mark for close to a year.  I have a chronic neck problem and Mark spends considerable time working the neck and shoulder areas.  After each massage, the neck area is much looser with greater mobility than before the massage.  HE IS GOOD!” – Ray G.

“I’ve been seeing Mark for less than a year and I highly recommend him. I searched the area for professional massage therapists and it was difficult to find one that was near to both my work and home as well as one that projected a great feeling of trust. For all your massage requirements, talk to Mark.” – Patrick L.

“I have had chronic pain from fibromyalgia for many years, and so only the most skilled  massage therapist can help me. My condition causes me neck, back, TMJ, leg, foot and headache pain, and Mark has helped me with all of these conditions. Mark has the rare combination of skill and very strong hands to work out my knots and muscle spasms. I see him regularly and it keeps me functional. I would highly recommend him to anyone with any kind of chronic pain problem.” – Joyce B.